Girona / 1989 | 1991-1994 / 4.263 m2

Selected work with special mention in  FAD Prizes 1995.

Finalist on the III Spanish Architecture Biennale 1995.


The building places in the limit of a residential plot of row-houses and confronts with an urban park. It has, therefore, a strong volumetric presence. The contrast between street and park moved to the building, with a differentiated treatment: flat façade in the urban side and more segmented in vertically towards the park. In the lattest, the double height of the duplex of the attic is the last one of a series of withdraws volumes that begin in the natural terraces and they extend in the concrete walls of the gardens.

The lateral fronts treat each other like dividing fictitious, with planks of wood, lightly delayed with regard to the limit of the longitudinal fronts, which allows to value the profile of the building and to emphasize the idea of cut the virtual continuity with the front of the neighbouring building (foreseen initially as the double of the constructed one).