Girona / 2007 / 1.873 m2 First prize, competition 2007.


The headquarters of the Architects' Association of Catalonia (COAC) in Girona occupies the former medieval building of the “Pia Almoina”, close to the cathedral. The building had been already rehabilitated during the seventies. Three decades later a competition was organized to extend its dependences, taking advantage of the forecasts allowed by the Special Plan of the historical centre. The program included the extension of the library, a coffee shop and restaurant, classrooms and a covered car park. The proposal sets the substitution of the central existing staircase by a new volume settled prependicular to the medieval front, restored by Josep Danés during the 1920s, creating two interior interlaced circulations, which take advantage also of the former trace of the Cúndaro Street. The roof the parking lot creates a new interior courtyard that become a terrace for the cafeteria, placed in the same level.