Urban setting for the outdoor space between "Les Àligues" building and the city wall

Girona / 1996 - 1997 / 5.355m2

Finalist on the FAD prizes 1998 at the "Outdoor spaces" category.

Winner of the Critics Choice award on the FAD prizes 1998 at the "Outdoor spaces" category.


The setting of this sector addresses three main aspects: the accessibility for the service transit to the back of the Sant Domènec convent, pedestrian access for students coming from outside the walls, and the approach as a public space for both students and the people of Girona. The project opts for a minimal volumetric and formal intervention, so that giving a solution for the functional problems detected, could be made through the introduction of the less amount of elements as possible to a site that was already surrounded with a lot of strong elements. Keeping this idea in mind, a series of concrete walls are projected to delimitate a central paved space and free a surrounding green area treated with intentional naturalness. These green areas separate virtually and phisically the central paved space from the Sant Domènec's Church and the monumental city wall. Only in one point a contact with a new volum is made, close to the baroque chapels where a new reinforced concrete volume is placed, being at the same time a retaining wall and a room for storage and technical facilities as well as the access to the transformer station, acting also as a limit which marks the back facade of the two chapels.