Calonge. Cala Gogo / 2007-2010 / 1.380 m2

Critics choice awards for culture and industry at the Architects Association of Catalonia prizes 2012.

Team: FUSES-VIADER, Architecture + Montse Nogués-Architect, Interior Design


In a 1,8 Ha plot. orientated north and east, with good sea sights, a building of 1400m2 is projected for a 5 member family, with complementary spaces for guests and service. The house is placed in a low part of the terrain to maximize its proximity to the beach and to get away from the access street and from the sights of the neighbours. Two copper covered wings are connected in a central point where the main entrance and the stairs that leads to the lower floor are placed. The irregular form of the plan comes from the internal paths foreseen in the program and the optimization of good views. The roof, as the house being placed in the lowest part of the plot, turns into a fifth facade, probably the most significant of the house. This one is visible from the entrance to the garden. The general geometry awards the house with a "topographic" condition in continuity with the rest of the wide existing garden.