Manresa, Barcelona / 2004-2012
First prize ex-aequo, competition 2001.

Team: Fuses-Viader + Alfonso Arenas, engineer + David Closes, arch.

The project contemplates the redevelopment of the “Plaça de la Reforma”, gateway to the historical centre of the city, placed facing the cathedral, and close to the railroad station. Also it foresees the construction of an underground parking lot for 400 vehicles and a few municipal adjacent spaces.
An open square with a double function is projected: to enhance the sights of the cathedral from the end of the Alfons XII street, the commercial axis of the historical center, and at the same time, to frame the ecclesiastic building with a socle formed by a set of ramps and stairs that allow the access to the top square, where one finds the main entrance to the Gothic temple.
Formally, the set of ramps and walls that give form to the place have been projected in continuity with the already existing ones at the east sector, as a consequence of a steep and difficult topography. The construction of the underground parking lot allows to solve the connection between the square and the main entrance to the Temple. There has been projected an asymmetric stair of three sections that connects the commercial street and the front of the Cathedral, visual and physically. These stairs allow a foreshortening that present a better vision of the general volume of the set.