Girona / 1980-1982

Selected work with Honorific Mention at the National Urbanism Prizes 1983.


One of the first urban plans of the new democratic era of the city, after Franco’s death, its aim was to recover the historical center, which still had a great architectural interest, in spite of its progressive abandonment during the second half of the 20th century.

The Plan consisted in a deep analysis of the morphological heritage constructed, an exhaustive raising of all the buildings, and the elaboration of individualised cards for each of them.

The main issue of the Plan was to improve the residential use was, beyond the tertiary existing uses, by restoring its buildings and restructuring areas with worse conditions of habitability. The improvement and reuse of public buildings and abandoned convents; promoting the city as a university and cultural center; the improvement of the accessibility and the creation of pedestrian areas and historical and architectural routes of interest were also important. It was made a regulation that preserved the typological and formal characteristics of the constructed heritage and, meanwhile, regulated the correct integration of the new buildings.