Monells. Girona / 1989-1993 | 1994-1996 | 2003-08 / 2.823 m2
Finalist on FAD Prizes 1995.


The village of Monells is one of the most interesting medieval sets of the region of the Empordà (Girona). It was restored during the sixties according to the conservationist criteria of the epoch. The project completes those works with the pavement of its streets, untill then without pavement, and the substitution of the public system of lighting.
The project raises a pavement and a discreet system of lighting, rejecting the introduction of designed elements exprofeso and using, on the contrary, materials and adaptable marked products. It is used  manual brick  and sandstone for pavements.
The drawing of the brick pavement roules autonomous with regard to the irregular alignment of the streets. In the central square it forms a few curved parallel lines that they adapt to the existing topography.