Paris / 2006 / 96.720 m2

First Prize ex-aequo.


The competition for the new headquarters of the Courthouse of Paris was summoned with the intention of moving his current headquarters in the Île de la Cité. The new building is placed between the National Library and the old stores built by Eugène Freyssinet, in an elongated and difficult lot next to the railways that lead to Austerlitz's station.

Developing a new sequence of public spaces, the new building forms a part of a master plan improvement that also foresees new residences for the neighbourhood. The Halle Freyssinet, formed by three naves covered with one of the first pre-stressed concrete vaults, remains and is opened directly to the most representative spaces of the court. The creation of a "fourth" nave, raised on piles, extends the Halle and adds fluency to the ground floor, and opens visual to the whole city. The new nave awards formally to the whole set a monumental presence, forging the identity of the Court as new Parisian highlight.

Differences among the different public implied agents have led to reject the viability of the project.