Caldes de Malavella. Girona / 2006

First Prize, competition 2006.


The competition raises the construction of a residential homogeneous village asking for a “Mediterranean village", with the will that this could turn into an element of reference into the Catalan panorama.There is projected, so, an arrangement that gathers the basic characteristics of this type of traditional units, and the different parts of the program is organized under the following general criteria:

a.    Integration of the set built to the natural surrounding area and to his topography, softly rough.

b.    Recovery of the environmental values and social ligatures to a urban structure called, of a rather ambiguous way, “Mediterranean village", as one of the urban development models that could have solved better the relation men-landscape.

c.    Flexibility in the offer of apartments, which allows introducing changes in the types projected depending on the promotion needs.

d.    Special attention to the levels of urbanization and to the landscape relation between village and surrounding golf courses.

Following with this model there is projected a village that follows the traditional morphology of the rural settings, being organized in two streets arranged topographicaly, which walks lightly in parallel to the hole 10 of the North field, and a central square of trapezoidal form, as emblematic central element.