Sport Centre at PGA Caldes Golf. Caldes de Malavella

Golf PGA de Caldes de Malavella / 2009 | 2010-2013 / 733 m2

Selected work at the Architects Association of Catalonia prizes 2016.


A single storey building with a fitness room and spa areas, placed close to the Clubhouse of one of the most prestigious golf fields of south Europe. The set establishes a gradation between the main volume, higher and square shaped, and the lower and linear one containing the wet areas, enclosing the pool alongside a pergola. All of them define a topographic level where swimming pools are placed, facing south, and the 18th hole of the golf course. The building, white-coloured, is built in calcareous stone and slabs of concrete. A north closed front opposes the rest of the building's facades, glazed and opened with a direct relation with the garden and the swimming pools.