Barcelona / 2010 / 18.750 m2


Competition summoned after a long historical struggle to define the definitive site of this equipment. A lot next to the magnificent station of France, and in a marginal position in relation to Barcelona downtown. Understanding that the best offer was, simply, returning the old station into the new library, the approach of the new building is generated by the inexcusable presence of the above mentioned station and his relation with the downtown. A debatable request of the bases of the competition was forcing to foresee the access in the middle of the lot, when the reality of the environment, its flows of traffic, of the stops of public transport, and the proximity to the centre were advising of placing the above mentioned entry at the end of the avenue of “Marquès de l'Argentera”. To ignore this difficulty it has been proposed an acces square between the old station and the new building. The whole program is placed in the first floor in order to liberate surface in the access at ground floor. The reading rooms are placed at top floors with views of the park of the Ciutadella, forming an elongated volume that allows liberating building of the zone in front of the splendid cantilever roofs of the former station, which will be visible from de surroundings and from the future connection with the gardens of the park. The front of copper wraps the whole volume with perforated panels at the park façade and opaque panels westward.