Girona / Competition. 2008


A library is, above all, a civic building in the deepest meaning of the term a building highly representative for any city and its culture. Is because of that a formal exercise is proposed, taking as inspirational model the tradition of the greatest European libraries, product of the Age of Enlightment: unitary spaces, clearly understandable, central. The contemporaneity of a public building should not be taken for granted, as usual, as the result of the use of complex or arbitrary shapes. There are also in the modern times examples of buildings with typological simplicity, with austere and precise geometry. The project bets for a squared shaped volume, slightly curved and with two symmetry axes from its four sides. In the interior there is an entrance, a courtyard, a a dome that covers all the set. The new proposal is organized from a double consideration about the urban surroundings of the library. On the one hand the morphological character of the "Casernes" neighborhood, and on the other hand the specific typologies of the Girona's public buildings.