Golf Torremirona. Navata / 2014 | 2015


The project, while continuing to fulfill very restrictive rules dictated by the local Urban Plan, tries to avoid a stereotyped solution, specially the one that allows the construction of a first loft-typed floor, smaller and retired from the facade alignment of the main floor. So the proposal comes in the form of an L-shaped house with a semi-buried level and a ground floor, adapting the setting to the steep terrain and allowing the disposition of the main rooms of the house around a courtyard with a swimming pool, well oriented regarding the sun and with more privacy. The kitchen and the dining and living room area all participate of this courtyard, the garden, the views of the golf course, the Empordà, and the Alberes mountains in the background.


Attempting to separate house from the street to add more privacy to the outdoor spaces, a stair-ramp with a gentle slope and considerable width allows a progressive access to the house through the patio. The interior dealt with few materials - concrete slabs, parquet flooring, and glazed surfaces - reflects an unified environment in contact with the surrounding garden.