Barcelona / 2014

Team: Fuses-Viader + Jorge Perea + Jordi Mansilla + Michel Desvigne

Second Prize. Competition 2014.


The controversy between park or square, flat or central intersection has been, throughout the last decade, debate issues aoround "Les Glòries" Square in Barcelona. Imagined by Cerdà as a place of greater centrality in the XXI century its position combines a desire for a greater environmental quality with a notion of metropolitan centrality, as well as the need to facilitate the transition between the surrounding neighborhoods and the 22@ district in Poblenou.

The central space goes beyond the concept of leisure space to achieve a greater collective sense. To the north, a cluster of metropolitan creation (35,000m2), reinforces the uses in all the space regarding the "Design Hub" and an intermodel hub is placed at the center.

The collective appropiation by users and their activities are the most important key in the definition of the ground level. This provides a sense of metropolitan center, overriding the typological subdivision of the XIXth century parks and gardens between promenades and green areas, becoming indeterminate in its own nature.