Visitors building at the archaeological site of Empúries

Empúries. Girona / Proj. 2007 | 2010-2015 / 1079 m2


First prize, competition 2005.

Finalist FAD prizes 2016.

Selected work with special mention in the Architects Association of Catalonia prizes 2016.

Critics choice awards for culture and industry at the Architects Association of Catalonia prizes 2016.

Finalist project at the XIII Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism 2016.


The program develops a services building with ticket desk, multi-purpose room, shop, coffeeshop-restaurant and facilities. The area where the new building is projected is in the south-east end of the former Roman city, opposite to the current car park and with beautiful views to the Neápolis. The new building uses the existing height difference between the top level of the road and the low one of the terrain, to build a half-buried floor with green roof, reducing the visual impact of the new construction. The architecture of the new building does not try to emulate or to join the “strong architectures” of Empúries, on the contrary, it developes a building that becomes a part of the surrounding gardens. So, a "natural" geometry is proposed, in continuity with the existing topography.

Fuses Viader Arquitectes - E.R. Empúries