HOUSING, PERATALLADA | Two semi-detached houses in Peratallada, Girona, 2010. 

SPORT CENTRE PGA, CALDES DE MALAVELLA | Sports Centre at the PGA Golf of Caldes de Malavella, 2010-2013.

HOUSE COSTA BRAVA | Summer House in Costa Brava, Girona, 2007-2011. In collaboration with Montse Nogués.

ST.FELIU CHURCH, GIRONA | Restoration of Sant Feliu Church: baroque façade (2004-2006); belfry (2006-2008); interior (2008-2009). In collaboration with Jordi Paulí.

VISITORS BUILDING EMPÚRIES | Visitors building at the Archaeological Site of Empúries, 2010-2015.

YACHT CLUB, SANT FELIU DE GUÍXOLS | Yacht Club in Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Costa Brava, 2005-2008.

ART CENTRE, ST.JULIÀ DE RAMIS | International Arts Centre and Hotel in Sant Julià de Ramis Castle, Girona 2005. Under construction.

URBANIZATION MANRESA | Urbanization of the Reforma’s Square and underground parking lot. Manresa, 2004-2012.

ADMINISTRATIVE BUILDING, GIRONA | Renovation and extension of the former Sta. Caterina Hospital for the new Administrative Service Building for the Government of Catalonia in Girona, 2002-2009.

CATHEDRAL OF BARCELONA | Elaboration of the Master Plan (2001-2002), and restoration of the “Carrer dels Comptes” facade and front facade (2007), and the dome (2012). In collaboration with Mercè Zazurca.

CATHEDRAL OF GIRONA | Elaboration of the Master Plan (1998-2000), and restoration of the baroque façade (2000-2001), belfry (2003) and the north façade (2009-2011). In collaboration with Jordi Paulí, Josep Pla and Montse Nogués.

RESIDENTIAL BUILDING, BARCELONA | Residential building at Cambó Ave., historical centre of Barcelona, 1998-2000.

SCHOOL, BLANES | “S’Agulla” Intermediate school  in Blanes, 1999-2000

MEDICAL CENTER, TORROELLA | Medical Center (CAP), Torroella de Montgrí, Costa Brava, 1995-2000

MUSIC MUSEUM, TORROELLA | Music Museum of Can Quintana, Torroella de Montgrí, Costa Brava, 1998-2000.

URBANIZATION, GIRONA | Ubanization and landscaping of “Les Aligues” building surroundings, Girona, 1994-1996. Awarded at the FAD Prizes 1997.

LA FOSCA, PALAMÓS | “La Fosca” Sea promenade in Palamós, Costa Brava, 1993-1996. Awarded at the FAD Prizes 1996.

SEA PROMENADE, BLANES | Blanes Sea promenade, Costa Brava, 1994-1995.

SANT POL SEA PROMENADE | Sant Pol Sea promenade, Sant Feliu de Guixols, Costa Brava, 1993-1995. Awarded at the FAD Prizes 1995.

SCIENCE FACULTY, GIRONA | Faculty of Experimental Science and Health of the University of Girona, 1993-96.

RESIDENTIAL BUILDING, GIRONA | Residential building in Fontajau, Girona 1990-93. Awarded at the FAD Prizes 1995.

LANDSCAPE MASTERPLAN, SALOU | Landscape Masterplan for the shore of Salou, Tarragona (1990-92). First price in the competition.

CENTRAL MARKET, GIRONA | Urbanization of Catalonia square and renewal of the central market in Girona, 1987-93.

SCHOOL IN TORDERA | “Lluís Companys” Intermediate school in Tordera. 1988-92.

RESIDENTIAL BUILDING, BANYOLES | Residential building in Banyoles for the Olympic Games of 1992.

RAILWAY STATION, BARCELONA | Renewal of the RENFE railway station of St.Andreu Comptal, Barcelona. Project 1988.

BESCANÓ URBAN SETTING | Urbanization of the town centre and restoration of the parish church of Bescanó, 1987.

ST. JOAN CASTLE RESTORATION | Restoration of St.Joan Castle in Blanes (Costa Brava), 1987.

PLATJA D’ARO PROMENADE | Sea promenade in Platja d'Aro (Costa Brava) 1984-89. Awarded at the National Planning Awards of Spain, 1987.

UNIVERSITY OF GIRONA | Restoration of the old building of "Les Aligues" for the Central Administration Building of the University of Girona, 1986-1991.

LES BEATES, GIRONA | "Les Beates" Residential building, in Girona's historical old town. 1983-85.

ONYAR HOUSES GIRONA | Restoration of 83 houses on the Onyar river. Girona 1982-84.

MASTERPLAN GIRONA | Master Plan for the historical centre of Girona (Restoration and renewal) 1980-1983. Awarded at the National Planning Awards of Spain. (Ministry of Public Works), 1983.