Architecture studio  founded in 1980 by architects Josep Fuses and Joan M. Viader.

The city, especially the historic city, has always been a basic reference in the work of Fuses-Viader Arquitectes. Urban transformations, restorations and extensions of historic buildings, public space renovation projects; as well as new public and residential buildings are an essential part of our work. This has been developed from an open position, bearing in mind the identity of the place, its relationship with the immediate context and the social significance of architecture.

FAD Opinion Prize (1998), selected and finalists in several FAD Prizes, honorable mentions of the Premios Nacionales de Urbanismo (1983 and 1987), Premi de les Comarques Gironines (1997, 2000, 2011, 2012, 2016, 2017) and finalists in the Biennials of Spanish Architecture (1993,1995,2016). Winners of various architectural and urban planning competitions, including the Palau de Justícia in Paris (2006), and the New Administrative Headquarters of the Generalitat de Catalunya in Girona (2002).

Work published extensively in digital format in HIC, World Architects, Architizer, Archdaily, Architecture Lab, Archello, Dezeen, and several Blocks of architecture and urbanism, and in printed format in El Croquis, A + U, Topos, Quaderns, AV, Area, DBZ, Abitare, Ottagono, Detail, The Architectural Review, C3, monograph in DA, On Diseño, and other prestigious publications

Josep Fuses. Barcelona. 1954.

– Architect for the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB), 1977.

– Extension of studies in Rome (Accademia dei Lincei, 1980) and at the Architectural Association of London, 1984-85.

– Professor at the Sommer Akademie in Herne (Rhineland-Westphalia) for the IBA of the Rhurgebiet, 1989.

– PhD in Architecture from the UPC, Barcelona 2011.

– Professor of Contemporary Art at the University of Girona, 1996-2005.

– Professor of Projects at the La Salle-U School of Architecture. Ramon LLull 1998-2005.

– Professor of Projects and Coordinator of Architectural Studies at the EPS-UdG ( 2005 – 2021)

Joan M. Viader. Bescanó (Girona). 1953.

– Architect for the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB), 1977.

-International Architecture Seminar in Santiago de Compostela led by Aldo Rossi, 1976 and Corso Internazionale sobre Palladio in Vicenza, 1979.

– Master of Landscape Architecture from the ETSAB, 1984-1986.

– Professor at the Sommer Akademie in Herne (Rhineland-Westphalia) for the IBA of the Rhurgebiet, 1989.

– Professor of the End of Degree Projects Classroom (2002-2005) at the ETSAB.

– Member of the Final Project Courts since 2002 at the ETSAB.

Josep Fuses
Joan M. Viader
Pilar Arbonès
Clara Viader
Current collaborators and consultants:

Architects: Clara Viader, Carla Lladó and Júlia Esteve
Administration: Pilar Arbones
Structures: Blázquez-Guanter SLP, architects
Facilities: Teodor Pulido, industrial engineer

They have worked with us:

M. Loreto Negre, Assumpció Puig, Àngel Madrià, Lluís Guanter, Jordi Darder, Josep Mariné, Elisabeth Pascual, Francesca Amat, Dolors Bosch, Marta Bacquelaine, Clara Ximenez, Eva Garrido, Ramon Saguer, Josep Pla, Stefan Baumgart, Ursula Pasch, Tomàs Gratacós, Carme Riu, Joaquim Roura, Thomas Wissing, Jaume Frigola, Josep Mª Blázquez, Khaterin Bissping, Ricard Turon, Anna Dharma Pinós, Adelina Leira, Rute Carlos, Nora Vorderwinkler, Olga Muñoz, Maria Frigola, Núria Martín, Jost Deswald, Fanny Rodríguez, Bernat Llauradó, Marc Riera, M.Teresa Solà, Carme Vich, Santi Vila, Clàudia Rosa, Nara Llapart, Joel Padrosa, Silvina Mayer, Jordi Grau, Jordi Serra, Carla Arruebo, Josep Ribes, Carme Aguayo, , Arnau Sempere , Francesc Baquer, Ariadna Serrano, Jordina Freixes, Albert Font, Alan Thompson, Lluís Marimont, Carles Suárez Kilzi.

They have collaborated with us:

Grau-del Pozo, engineers
David Marés, Amaya Arizmendi, architects
Xavier Arnal, technical engineer
PGI Engineering & Consulting

Technical architects:
Joan Rull, Sergi Pasarín, Pilar Valentí, Josep M. Recarens, Jaume Vila, Sonia Vergés, Ingrid Artigas, Francesc Prats, Ardevol SL, Francesc Rodríguez, Ramon Roig.


Jorge Suárez Kilzi
Javi Ortega- Rotegras


We will assist you in our office, located at c / Bonaventura Carreras Peralta 5, 1r 1a, in Girona and at [email protected]